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Who Needs Beauty School to Cut Hair

By BruceTieves - 3rd August 2014

Just do it. And so I did. Cut my boys’ hair that is – and did so for eight years without a lick of beauty school. Can you imagine? Yes, I was a natural. Or so I thought. Armed with clippers and scissors, no barber or beautician could match the hair styling talents of Big Daddy Tieves. But eventually reality set in – likely, in large part, to my wife’s prayers. I have to admit I was becoming somewhat delusional...

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Blog or Get Off The Pot

By BruceTieves - 8th July 2014

In the exploding world of content marketing, it’s pretty easy to jump on the blog bandwagon these days. Within hours, virtually anyone can be publishing online. The real challenge, however, is sustainability. It kept me from blogging during my first year of business – and I’m a professional writer for Pete’s sake. Nonetheless, I refused to blog until I was willing to take on the responsibility of producing meaningful content on a regular basis. When determining whether to blog or...

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The Gift of GAB

By BruceTieves - 15th June 2014

Seth Godin is blessed with the gift of GAB (Genuine Articulate Blogging). In 60 seconds or less, he regularly influences my thinking with just a handful of choice words. Take this 99-word post for example: Winner take all vs. local Rule 1: If there’s no really good reason for a business to be done locally, it will migrate to the web. Rule 2: Businesses that migrate to the web often have economies of scale, and those businesses quickly coalesce into...

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