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C’mon People…Let’s put Some Meat on the Bone

Don’t you love it when someone throws you a bone?

Women really appreciate this one: “I love what you’ve done with your hair.”

While the men dig on: “You’re looking pretty buff these days.”

Pretty much everyone likes to get a bone now and then – it’s a big boost for the old ego.

In business, we love bones, too, but most companies do a poor job of using them as effective promotional tools. All too often marketers neglect to put some meat on the bone. Take these customer quotes for example:

“Judy is simply amazing. I’m so thankful she was able to help me remedy my problem.”

“I can always count on your company to keep my bottom line in check.”

 “Your product is very effective. It’s made my job a whole lot easier.”

Sound familiar? Maybe you have some “dry bones” scattered about your website and collateral. To you they sound “so” nice but are “so-so” at being an effective marketing play.

What marketers need to do is tell the story behind the quote – that’s the juicy meat your current and potential customers need to chew on. Let’s put some meat on Judy’s bone from above.

Bob Jones at ABC Technologies needed something pronto. So he turned to Judy Smith, a 12-year customer service associate of XYZ Printing to help solve his problem.

“I was in a bind,” says Bob, “but I knew where to turn.”

Three days before a special industry event, Bob was offered a great opportunity by organizers to include a company brochure in their literature giveaway. Of course he accepted – keeping his fingers crossed that he had enough brochures on hand.

But that wasn’t the case. He needed 5,000 more. So Bob dialed up Judy at XYZ Printing.

A day later Bob had his additional brochures thanks to the can-do attitude of Judy and her XYZ associates. “Judy is simply amazing,” notes Bob. “I’m so thankful she was able to help me remedy my problem.”

Notice a difference? I thought so. Try putting some meat on your company’s bones and give readers something to sink their teeth into.

Bruce Tieves is an accomplished freelance copywriter and brand aficionado. He specializes in creating buyer interest in products and services for businesses of all sizes.

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