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Meet Mr. Write and Live Happily Ever After


To the delight of entrepreneurs and small businesses – but to the anguish of graphic designers and website developers – online marketing tools have dramatically changed the marketing communications landscape.

Regardless of brand expertise the masses are empowered to build their own promotional materials online via Internet companies like Vistaprint and Go Daddy. Even doctors and lawyers are jumping on the DIY brand bandwagon these days.

For a rather small investment brand novices can rapidly assemble a company logo, business cards, stationery, envelopes, brochures, postcards and a website. And, amazingly, albeit somewhat generic, a legitimate visual brand is created.

But wait. What if the shiny, happy DIY brand doesn’t impact business as anticipated? Did something go wrong along the way?

DIY brands are often susceptible to failure because online marketing tools can’t generate compelling, persuasive copy to accompany the visuals. That’s a job for a wordsmith like Mr. Write – a living, breathing storyteller who creates interest in products and services by bringing words to life.

However, too many business owners go wrong by assuming the role of Mr. Write or delegating it to someone near and dear such as an administrative assistant, salesman, IT manager (hey, if you can write code, you can write copy) or even a spouse. All are wonderful people indeed but unlikely to possess the skills of a master storyteller.

So where does one meet Mr. Write? Well, he’s hard to find. You won’t meet him at a freelance flea market – like Elance or – where every writer wannabe in the world is soliciting lost and lonely business owners. You might find him through a search engine (e.g.: freelance copywriter Kansas City). But your best bets are via networking or referral.

Once you have a lead on Mr. Write, look for the following attributes:

  • Well-branded business from logo to website
  • Up-to-date online portfolio that demonstrates range of writing
  • Informative blog that regularly provides brand insight to readers
  • Inquisitive mind who wants to learn about your business and customers
  • Brand acumen to properly position your company in the marketplace

With Mr. Write on your team you can build a brand that not only looks nifty but, more importantly, provides meaningful messaging that resonates with your target audience.

So take the time to meet Mr. Write. And you – and your brand – will live happily ever after.

Bruce Tieves is an accomplished freelance copywriter and brand aficionado. He specializes in creating buyer interest in products and services for businesses of all sizes.

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