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The MVP of the Classic Marketing Mix

The traditional 4 P’s of Marketing – product, price, place and promotion – has served as the backbone of the marketer’s intellect for the past 50 years. And rightly so as many stellar brands have emerged as a result of this effective marketing mix.

But the Most Valuable P (MVP) in the grand scheme of marketing is patience.

The conception, birth and nurturing of a healthy brand takes time, effort and patience, similar to – you guessed it – raising children. Brand conception, like human conception, is pleasurable. And brand birth, like human birth, is exhilarating. But brand nurturing, like child nurturing, is grueling.

Savvy marketing aficionados would be the first to tell you that branding – like child rearing – never ends. A patient, long-term approach is necessary to continue to grow market share. And no brand – media darling or not – has ever become an “overnight success.”

As a virgin small business owner, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of patience in building my brand. And I know keeping brand top of mind is key for my long-term growth – as well as yours. After all it doesn’t take long for a brand to go south, but it can seemingly take forever to get one turned around.

So as you execute your brand strategy be sure to mind your P’s – don’t worry about the Q’s – and make patience your MVP.

Bruce Tieves is an accomplished freelance copywriter and brand aficionado. He specializes in creating buyer interest in products and services for businesses of all sizes.

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