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‘Tis the Season to Drop the F-Bomb

As usual retailers were dropping F-Bombs on consumers throughout the recent Holiday Season. And like our favorite Holiday music, movies and traditions, many of us welcomed the F-Bombs like snow flakes on Christmas Eve Night.

Ah, yes, classic F-Bombs drifting from the skies included:

– FREE shipping

– Buy one, get one FREE

– Get your FREE gift while supplies last.

Marketers love dropping the F-Bomb because it nabs consumers’ attention like nothing else. It has the power to turn heads like Santa Claus coming down the chimney.

But beyond attention, a well-engineered F-Bomb can generate a hard-to-resist buying impulse that leads to sales – and lots of them – as delusional consumers shell out money to get something for FREE (a word defined as: not costing any money). What gives?

Well there’s always some cost related to taking advantage of the F-Bomb. FREE shipping requires you to buy a product. Buy one, get one FREE requires you to buy one. Get your FREE gift while supplies last requires you to buy something. And all of these F-Bombs require some expenditure of your time.

Nonetheless, most people are willing to absorb the cost of FREE in return for the value of FREE. The key to dropping the F-Bomb is to make sure value significantly outweighs cost.

In my case, I have two F-Bombs in my marketing arsenal that I regularly deploy.

One is this blog, which I publish monthly with the sole intent of elevating the marketing expertise of the reader. The only consumer cost related to this F-Bomb is the two minutes it takes to read. It offers phenomenal value.

The second is something I coin Free Thinking. Here, I meet with a potential client at a local establishment to share my free thoughts regarding their marketing opportunity or problem. The only cost to the consumer for this F-Bomb (which also includes a beverage on me) is an hour or two of time – another great return on investment.

Now with the New Year upon us, take a good, hard look at the F-Bombs you plan to launch in 2015. And ask these three questions:

   1)    Is my F-Bomb somewhat different my competitors?

   2)    Is my F-Bomb irresistible enough to create a buying impulse?

   3)    Does the value of my F-Bomb heavily outweigh the cost to the consumer?

Your boss will think you’re the “bomb” if your F-Bomb strategy proves to be effective.

And if you need help with engineering or deployment, let me know.

Bombs away people!

Bruce Tieves is an accomplished freelance copywriter and brand aficionado. He specializes in creating buyer interest in products and services for businesses of all sizes.

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