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Undivided Attention: It’s Better to Give than Receive

UndividedAttentionWEBWhen’s the last time you received some undivided attention?

Was it during an intimate conversation with a loved one? Or when you shared jaw-dropping information with a co-worker? How about when you went ballistic on someone?

Highly emotional situations generate undivided attention but, most of the time, it’s really hard to come by in a society saturated with distractions.

That poses a real challenge to marketers who fight like heck to grab the undivided attention of an audience – as I’m trying to do with you right now.

So how do you gain undivided attention for your brand?


That means you master the art of listening to your customers (and colleagues) through distraction elimination – something easy to implement but challenging to maintain.

As a multi-task master with a touch of self-diagnosed ADD, I’m pushing myself to provide my clients with undivided attention by:

  • Silencing my cell phone and putting it in my pocket during client meetings.
  • Dimming my computer screen and putting my cell phone aside during client conference calls.
  • Asking clients who call my cell phone while I’m driving to allow me to pull over or to return their call shortly.
  • Setting aside the crud of the day – whether it’s personal or business – whenever I’m engaged with a client.
  • Remembering that giving my clients undivided attention keeps me a step ahead of the competition.

By doing all of the above – none of which are particularly easy – I’ve ramped up my ability to provide my clients with better service and solutions. Now that’s good for their brands – and mine.

Undivided attention, like many things in life, is better to give than to receive.

Bruce Tieves is an accomplished freelance copywriter and brand aficionado. He specializes in creating buyer interest in products and services for businesses of all sizes.

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