Your Story

You’re at a loss for words. And don’t know where to turn.


Your company has a compelling story to tell. It’s authentic, original and has character.

And you know certain people will listen because they need what you have to offer. No one can provide the product or service quite like your organization.

Now it’s up to the storyteller to complete the job — and that could be you. Is your imagination up for the task? Are you feeling the creative buzz to churn out the right words?

No sweat if copywriting is your forte, but what if it’s not. And the stories you (or a colleague) tell about your company fall flat, providing little or no return in regard to new business.

That’s a sobering problem. But it’s one that can be solved by Bruce Tieves, a versatile, creative writer who wins people over by stirring buyer emotion. Partner with him to fill various copywriting gaps at your company so your message is heard — loud and clear.

Bruce has created awareness of products and services for the following brands:

  • Manufacturing: John Deere, Ruskin Rooftop Systems, Artisun Solar
  • Insurance: Aviation Solutions, EnlightnU, Millay Group
  • Advertising: Kuhn & Associates
  • Financial: MetLife, Albridge
  • Healthcare: Resolute, ATI Nursing Education
  • Software: Lexmark
  • Non-Profit: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Girl Scouts, Homeboy Industries

It’s time to find your way to new business. Start with Bruce Tieves, an accomplished freelance writer in Kansas City who can help you tell the right story to the right audience at the right time.